How to reach you drum sound is meant to explain how to choose the right set-up to translate your emotions in sounds. I think that performance is a blend of 50% of drummer's skills and 50% of drummer's sounds; both are essential for the success of the show.

I realized that the sound of the drums was very important when I found myself listening to a song from an artist that played a totally different kind of music in respect to what I was listening at that time. I heard that song hundreds of times exclusively because I loved the sound of the snare drum. If you have a special personal sound you are a step forward other drummers, itʼs really one of the main feature for you to be chosen for a band or for a session in studio.

In this DVD you will learn the technical knowledge you need to achieve your sound and choose the drum set that suits your needs.

The aim of this DVD is also to encourage the drummers to try and experience different set-ups, and (why not?) invent new ones! I can show you all the different paths to reach your sound, but you only know where it is.

If you have some question, doubts or inquisitiveness, get in touch with me at or through the Facebook or Twitter pages. I canʼt wait to read your e-mail, your message and learn about your improvements, your tests, your experiences.

Let me know what kind of drums you have, their features, the kind of drumheads they have, the kind of music you play and your needs; if you have any trouble with them, together weʼll work to find the right set up, or we can lay the foundations to get a new one that matches your needs and maximizes your drumming.
Iʼm so glad to be part of your sound development.

Davide De Angeli